Several years ago I was working as a Director in the non-profit world and taking jewelry classes at night to decompress. I have studied jewelry since High School and was an Art Therapy/Studio Art major in college but time and life had gotten in the way of my creative self and I was doing what I thought I was supposed to do- building a business career that paid the bills. 

My colleagues all became interested in my nightly creations and kept asking to buy them... then a friend from college- Natasha at luxe told me how she was selling her work on this great new website named etsy. I decided for $.20 why not give it a whirl. My first sale was almost immediate and it went from my NY home to a lovely woman in IL. My second sale went to someone in the Netherlands?!! That blew me away and with my husband's support a business was formed.

I love that I am able to be creative every day, actually putting my art degree to use and that my pieces are cherished and worn by people like you from all walks of life all over the world. One afternoon on Coney Island during the Annual Mermaid Parade a girl asked to take my photo- because I was dressed as a boisterous blonde mermaid. :) My sister looked at her neck and said "Hey didn't you make that necklace Nicole?" In fact I had and the girl said "Oh I love this necklace I wear it everyday." That moment has stuck with me and I create each item with loving care thinking about their future owners and wondering about their lives and their hopes and dreams. I am happy to add a bit of joy to your life, by creating something truly unique for you to wear.

I am honored every time someone choses my wedding band design to be the ring that they will adorn for years to come. I strive to make my rings with quality craftmanship using green materials and to make them modern yet classic so that they can be worn for a lifetime.

So thank you, my customer for allowing me to be a small part of your world and in so allowing me to continue to create "mini-wearable sculptures" for a living.